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>> people are dying. really dying. i don't know if i can make anymore argument about why you should pay attention to this. >> reporter: jake tapper, abc news, the white house. >> opposite sides of the aisle coming together for a good cause. rare. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning amer live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a policeman, cash, and a fake sting. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. first, traffic and weather. lisa baden is here. adam caskey has the temperatures. >> of cold start today location.
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35 in the district and in frederick, 27 in winchester, 30 in quantico, 38 in lexington park. baltimore at 30. below freezing at many locations. 35 at reagan national. low 50's's for the high temperature, partly cloudy. tonight, dropping down to near and above freezing. not as cold tonight. mostly cloudy tomorrow. grain by tomorrow evening. rain. thursday looks like a washout. moderate to heavy showers. there's a flood watch late wednesday into a thursday. the bulk of the moisture will follow through all the data on thursday. highs in the 50's on thursday and friday. now to lisa baden. overnight construction on
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295 northbound at 11th street bridge. there are temporary closures during the overnight. should be gone by 5:00. that's for the next couple days. no problems in and out of baltimore on 95 and baltimore and washington parkway. no exceptions, looks good. 66 and 95, looks good so far out of manassas and out of fredericksburg into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. our top story this morning, d.c. detectives have busted a corrupt officer. >> 28-year-old jonathan green accused of taking part in a burglary. the apparent crime was a hoax. now the story.
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>> the d.c. police officer was confidentialf a conf criminal investigation. officer jennifer green, a five- year veteran, was approached by an informant. the informant said that there was an apartment with drugs and money to burglarize. she said that she could use the money. the informant and the officer drove saturday to the safeway in northwest. the officer turned the radio on to the fourth district police radios on. she returned to the vehicle with $1,050 in pre-recorded funds in the ziploc bag that contained white pieces of so- p packaged as cocaine.
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the police were waiting for her. the officer has been attempted receipt of stolen property. >> i cannot believe they would do that when they could be watched by their officers at any time. >> i am not surprised. nothing surprises me. >> the officer is on paid administrative leave. she refused comment when leaving court. police chief cathy lanier says we have to be persistent in preventing corruption. investigators are searching for man who tried to sexually assault a woman in wheaton around 7:00 last night at viers mill road near aspen hill road. the woman got away and was not direct. we are learning more about the man accused of beating the east coast rapist. in connecticut yesterday aaron thomas appeared in court for the first time since his arrest on
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friday. a tip generated led to his arrest. thomas is accused of attacking 17 women in four states including maryland and virginia. >> they can take some comfort in knowing that he won't have the opportunity to do that to anyone else. >> it is over. >> dna was collected from a cigarette but that thomas discarded at an unrelated court appearance last week. the dna matched evidence in 17 cases and that led to his arrest. prosecutors said thomas said he was surprised he was not arrested sooner. allen sessoms will testify before the d.c. council, the allegations that he mismanaged school funds. the testimony comes one day after announcing that he will reimburse the university of the district of columbia for his travel expenses. he had been under scrutiny for
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his financial dealings. a maryland congressman wants to ban protests during military funerals. he will introduce the legislation that targets protests organized by the westboro baptist church. last week the supreme court of the u.s. would that the protests are permitted under the first amendment. there are more calls now for military action as libyan leader moammar gaddafi continues his brutal crackdown on anti- government protesters. nato is increasing surveillance flights over libya as it decides whether to impose a no-fly zone. u.n. security council members are working on a resolution that would establish such a zone. interesting findings regarding the pay gap between men and women. >> and oil pressure is hurting the airline industry. linda bell has bloomberg news.
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>> crude oil prices are falling back a little, littleoil continues -- but oil continues to put pressure on airlines. continental may have to get rid of airplanes that are not as fuel-efficient. delta and united also will be if trimming airplanes. employment services company manpower says more u.s. companies plan to add more workers as soon as this spring. federal, state, and federal employmental is expected to grow. it will take another 45 years to close the gender wage gap in the u.s. although women have made great strides in terms of education
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and employment, the ratio of women and to amend its annual meeting and earnings are 77% as of 2009. -- annual mean earnings. it is still cold, 32 degrees out there. >> still ahead, the crackdown on distracted driving. maryland lawmakers closely local loophole in the law. >> and a memorial
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temperatures right now near freezing. 32 in adelphi, 31 in arlington, 27 in bristow, 36 in the district. fairly calm wind out of the east at five-tenths throughout the day. clear skies over his right now. -- call wind out of the east at 5 to 10. an area of low pressure is developing your taxes. that will continue to push our way and increase our cloud cover tomorrow and give us rainshowers
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late tomorrow especially throughout thursday. the rain could be heavy at times. tomorrow evening especially around and after dinner time. and then rain off and on throughout the day on thursday a, kind of like what we had on sunday. mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow in the upper 40's. heavy rain expected tomorrow through thursday. not much happening on the highway. 66, 95, 395, looks good. looks good across the wilson bridge and american legion. 270 at 109, quiet alto frederick into montgomery county. the beltway near central avenue and fedex field, overnight construction is gone for the night. back to you. >> thank you. 37 degrees, 4:42.
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>> parts of the country soaked and others are snowed in. >> a warning for drivers in maryland. >> a warning for drivers in maryland.
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good morning. checking our top stories today, a d.c. police officer is accused of being a corrupt cop. investigators charged 28-year-
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old jennifer green with receiving stolen property. she was paid to take part in a burglary that turned out to be a hoax. the five-year veteran is on administrative leave. increasing calls for military action against forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gaddafi. nato is increasing surveillance flights over libya as it decides whether to impose a no-fly zone. five republicans in this country who may run for president in 2012 tested the waters in iowa. pawlenty,ich, still plentim and others attended the form last night. in maryland hundreds of people rallied to give illegal immigrants the right to in-state tuition. steven shows us both sides of
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the argument. >> this flag represents our country, el salvador. >> they waved flags proclaiming their love and pride in their homeland, but they have a demand of the state in which they live. >> we want to do this so we can support our family. >> advocates for immigrants' rights rally outside the statehouse. teenagers made up the bulk of the crowd. they came to annapolis to urge lawmakers to give them a break when it comes to my education. these students want in-state tuition. they are urging passage of a bill which would give them a break if they can prove they attended two years of high- school in maryland, a paid state taxes, and go to college within four years of finishing high school. >> i hope to go to college. >> supporters say that the parents of these students have lived in maryland for years and have paid taxes.
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they say these students deserve in-state tuition regardless of their immigration status. some maryland residents questioned the idea of in-state status for someone who is not a u.s. citizen. >> if you are out of state, you pay out-of-state tuition. if you are out of the country, you should not even be accepted. it appears the state will again crackdown on cell phone use while driving. last night the maryland senate approved a bill banning drivers from reading text messages even if the vehicle is stopped at midnight. currently the law only prohibits sending a telex message. the house of delegates approved a similar bill last week. the d.c. inspector general is investigating allegations by former metal candidate sulaiman brown against levinson greg. brown says during last year's campaign vincent gray promised him a city job if he attacked former mayor adrian fenty. brown says two great campaign aides gave him cash payments in
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exchange for attacking adrian fenty and supporting vincent gray while running for mayor. >> it was a white envelope she gave to me with about $750. >> vincent gray said he agreed to give brown the job interview, but not in return for an attack on adrian fenty. he's not aware of any payment made to brown. brown was recently fired from his city job. the loudoun county volunteer firefighter that went on the joyride in a fire truck is at to be arraigned tomorrow. sean swanson was speeding and nearly collided head-on with a share of steady. swanson has resigned from his position. one of his four passengers was a leesburg police officer who is now suspended. streets turned into streams
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in parts of new jersey and that left many stranded. some were rescued by boat and others walked. in massachusetts, one driver was not lucky. there you see his headlights in the mud. saltine is reacting to the news that he is out of a job. -- charlie sheen is reacting. >> free at last. >> warner brothers fired him from this show yesterday. the future of the show is not clear. he was let go nine days after he spoke out against the network and the show. winning one for a fallen teammate. and the debate over
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4:53 on this tuesday morning. we are little below freezing. 25 in frederick, 30 in gaithersburg, 27 in culpeper. we have pretty calm wind.
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,his afternoon, low 50's partly cloudy. the average high is 53. tonight, scattered cloud. mostly cloudy tomorrow. later they rainshowers moving into town should be pretty light. especially in the evening and after dinner time tomorrow. but the rain could be heavy into thursday with on and off rainshowers throughout the day on thursday, moderate to heavy showers. there's a flood watch for the majority of our viewing area from late wednesday through thursday. near 50 by thursday. -- near 60. we have been busy just to show you that things are dry, quiet, and passable, overnight construction is complete. they are reopening the beltway near the hot lanes project. looks good near fedex field on the beltway.
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it's quiet on the topside between new hampshire avenue and the american legion bridge. it's a good ride from colombia to silver spring along 29. it's quiet on connecticut avenue heading to rockville pike through olney. not much happening in maryland. virginia looks good as well. no problems at the wilson bridge. back to you. >> thank you. a michigan high school basketball team is mourning the loss of a star player. they were back on the floor last night. 16-year-old wes leonard clenched a playoff spot and hit the game- winning shots and then collapsed and died of cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart. the team decided to keep playing in a tribute to their teammates and they won the game, 55-54. his death is renewing debate
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over whether teenagers should be screened more thoroughly for heart problems. >> there's no easy answer. and jennifer explains why. >> a 17-year-old collapse on the colorado rugby field this week of cardiac arrest. and this other teenager, ages 16, wes leonard, collapsed on the basketball court. another sudden deaths from cardiac arrest. >> this could be your child. you think they are fine one day and then the collapse. >> i imagine the same thing happening to my child and my world would be shattered. >> i said i love you. >> her daughter died of our attack on the soccer field. some want all coaches to be
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trained in cpr. some advocates want all teenage athletes to have an ekg. >> why not make that part of their physical? >> maybe they could do in ekg. >> on average 40 students suffer sudden death due to cardiac arrest every year. follow-ups could cost the health-care system about $2 billion. >> we need to strike a balance between what we should screen for and what is realistic in what we can provide. >> abc 7 news. what we can provide. >> abc 7 news. we have 37 degre
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